Washer/Dryer Repair

repairman doing washer dryer repair

Is your washer not cleaning your clothes the way it should be or maybe your dryer isn’t drying your clothes at all? Well, whatever your problem may be, Dallas Fridge Repair can help you get to the bottom of the problem and fix it in order for you to get your washer or dryer running the way it did when you first bought it. Our team can help you with any problem from faulty pipes to ay draining problems you may have, our team of trained professional has you covered.


Your washer pipes aren’t brining water to the washer properly when needed. this problem could be caused by blocked or cracked in flow pipes. This can be easily dealt with by our professionals with the use of our state of the art equipment that can detect where the issue in the pipe is. Depending on the issue, the time needed to fix the problem will vary but whatever the problem is, our team will get to the bottom of the problem quickly and get your washer running and working just like before.


Are you finding that the water levels in your washer are incorrect or it is wet where your pipes are? Our team of trained professionals along with our state of the art leak finder equipment can fine the exact point where there is a leak in your system. The process speeds up once the leak is found. If anything needs to be dug up in order to repair the leak, our team will clean up their mess and leave the area in the way that they found it. For any help with your leaks, contact our team to assist you.

Washer/Dryer Door

A fault with your washer or dryer door can cause a lot of unnecessary frustration. Every washer and dryer needs  a door in order to function, meaning that is one of the most important features on the appliance. Some of the problems that you may face with the door is as follows;  faulty hinges, door not closing or the door not opening. These issues can all be fixed, but with different time lengths. A faulty hinge can mean that a hinge on the doors is broken or that the door just doesn’t move at all and it is stuck in one place. Door not closing can mean that the door doesn’t stay closed, meaning that the washing process cant start.


Is your washer not draining the water when the washing cycle is complete? If this is the case, then you know for sure that your washer has a draining problem. Our team will come in and assess the problem in order to find out where exactly the problem lies. If the problem lies underground and cement needs to be dug up, our team will dig up the area and once they are finished, they will re cement the area and leave it looking spotless and exactly how it looked before. The severity of the problem will affect the time needed for the job.

Not Drying

So your dryer isn’t drying your washing and you don’t know what the problem may be? Allow our professionals to come and inspect your dryer and pin point the cause for your dryer to not be drying your washing. The main cause for this problem is the air vent hose can be clogged up. To avoid this from happening, the hose should be cleaned at least once a year. This problem is also a fire hazard. Another reason can be that the dryer has overheated causing the motor that turns the drum to be temporarily out of order.


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