Stove/Oven Repair

close up stove top

Your stove top or your oven is having issues and you don’t know who you can call to fix this problem for you? Look no further than Dallas Fridge Repair. We have been helped numerous clients fix their faulty stove and ovens. Whatever the problem, our team can assist you. Whether your problem is as simple as replacing the oven light or as serious as the heating not working properly, we can assist you with any size job and get it done quickly so you can get back to your cooking or baking for your family and friends.

Oven light

Replacing the light in your oven may sound like a small job, but we enjoy assisting our clients with any of their oven issues, no matter how small the job is. The light in your oven is an important aspect of the oven, as it allows you to see what’s happening inside without actually opening the door and taking whatever is in there out. After replacing the light in your oven, our team will then look to see if it actually is the bulb that was the problem. If it turns out not to be the problem, we will do extensive testing to see what the actual problem is and take the necessary steps in order to fix this problem.

Oven Door

The oven door is one of the most integral parts of your oven, as it keeps the heat in when cooking or baking, and if the door isn’t working properly then you may not get what you want from your oven. There are many thing that can go wrong with your oven such as; the seal on the door, broken handle and broken hinges. The time frame to repair the door depends on what the issue with the door is. For example, if the seal on the door is the problem then the repair will be quick, but if the problem is the hinges, then that will take a little longer. Whatever the problem, our team is able to sort the problem out for you.

Temperature Gages

When it comes to temperature gauges, this can effect both the stove or the oven. Either one, our team is qualified and experienced enough to sort this problem out for you. Faulty temperature gauges can mean that the stove or oven isn’t heating up at all or that the temperature reading on the gauge is different to what the heat is on the stove or in the oven. The process is simple for our team as they have years of experience repairing faulty gauges on stoves and ovens. For any and all of your temperature gauge problems, call our customer care team to set up the next available time slot for you.


The heating of your stove or oven is the most important part of the cooking process. So if you are having heating problems then this needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The problem could be that there is no heat at all, very little heat or overheating. Any one of these problems can be fixed with by our proficient team of repair men. When they arrive on the job they use their specialised tools to precisely find where the problem is, and once they have found it they can start the repair process.


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