Fridge Repair

repairman doing fridge repair

Dallas Fridge Repair have a number of repairmen that will help you with your fridge repairs in the Dallas, Texas area. We repair any and all fridge types, as well as freezers. If you are unsure whether your fridge or freezer needs to be repaired, then our customer care team is there to answer any and all your questions regarding your fridge and freezer. We have highly qualified and trained repairmen that will come over to assist you with all your fridge and freezer repairs on your selected day and get your appliance up and running again in no time.


If you’re wondering how you are able to tell whether your fridge or freezer needs a repair before it’s too late, there are some signs that you can look out for. One of the signs that you can see is excessive condensation. This is when it looks as though the inside of your fridge is sweating. A sign that is not able to be seen by the eye is an overheating motor. This is when the temperature in your fridge is warmer than it should be. A sign that you might be able to smell is when your food in the fridge starts spoiling a lot quicker than it usually would. If you experience any of these signs, don’t hesitate to call our team.

Freezer Repair

Your fridge freezer isn’t running the way it should and it’s not keeping the things inside of it as frozen as before, this is a sign that your freezer needs a repair. Our team is well equipped to take care of any freezer problems you are facing as well. There are some tell-tale signs that your freezer needs repairs. One of these signs is if you are having to manually defrost your freezer when you have a freezer that defrosts itself. Another sign would be a build-up of large chunks of ice on the inside of your freezer. If you are experiencing any of these signs then we are more than willing to fix it for you.


You keep finding that your fridge door doesn’t stay closed once you’ve closed it. This is caused by a fault with the seal on the fridge door. This problem can occur due to old age or it has split and is not effective any more. Our professionals can speedily fix this problem for you and get your fridge staying closed and keeping cool just the way it should. This problem doesn’t only occur on your fridge door, but your freezer door as well. The process and time of this job is exactly the same for the fridge and the freezer door seal.

Fridge Light

The light inside your fridge doesn’t work anymore and you have no idea where to start to fix it. Don’t worry, the repair team at Dallas Fridge Repair has you covered for this as well. Although it may seem like a small and unnecessary job to call in a professional, we like to think that no job is too small, even if it’s as simple as changing a light bulb in your fridge. Some light bulb fitting can be tricky and difficult to access in order to replace it, but the repair team at Dallas Fridge Repair will gladly do this simple task for you.


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