Dishwasher Repair

repairman doing dishwasher repair

Are you having problems with your dishwasher and you’re in the Dallas, TX area? Dallas Fridge Repair can assist you with any problems you’re are experiencing with your dishwasher. We have the best trained and most experienced team available to assist you with your dishwasher repairs. We can repair anything from a leak to loud and unusual noises your dishwasher may be making. If you are unsure whether your dishwasher is in need of repairs, our customer care team can tell you some signs to look out for to make sure that your dishwasher doesn’t experience any further issues.


If your dishwasher is experiencing some leaks, our team is qualified enough to repair this issue for you. There are a few common places that your dishwasher may start leaking. These areas are; the gasket, the spray arm, float, pump, hoses and water inlet. You may notice water leaking under or around the door, this could mean that the leak is coming from the gasket, spray arm or the float. If you notice water under the dishwasher, the problem could be coming from the pump, hoses or the water inlet. Wherever the leak is coming from, our team is more than capable to assist you.

Door Lock

You’ve notice that your door doesn’t lock, meaning that the door doesn’t close when you want to run a cycle to wash your dishes. This means that the lock is a very important part for your dishwasher. The lock allows the door to stay closed and for your selected wash cycle. Our team is able to come to your residence, once you’ve made an appointment for a time that best suits you, and fix the lock on your dishwasher as quick as possible and get it running as good as new.


You’re wondering what signs you need to look out for to know when your dishwasher needs to be repaired. Our customer care team can give you these signs to lookout for so you know when you need to call us next to set up an appointment. Some of the signs you need to look you for are as follows; no water in the dishwasher, not draining, dishes coming our dirty, water leaking and dishes are not hot after the wash cycle. When the dishes are in for a wash cycle, the inside of the dishwasher is heated. If your dishes don’t feel hot when they come out, then you know you have a problem and should definitely call us.

Loud Noise

You’ve just put a load of dishes on to wash and you can hear a loud noise coming from your dishwasher. The source of the noise can be coming from the inside of your dishwasher or it could be coming from behind the washing machine, where the motor is. If you are unsure as to whether the noise is coming from, give our team a call to set up the next available appointment for our team to come over and assist you with your problem and fix it for you. A noise inside you washing machine could be the coming from the spray arm and a noise from behind the machine is more than likely the motor of your washing machine.


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